Entre Acequias is a sustainable family business with which we want to convey the love for our land and invite them to share the experiences of living on a farm and participate in the different experiences it gives us.

Located on a 6 hectare plot, we offer you a pleasant place where you can see the fruit trees bloom in the spring; harvest apricots, vines, peaches, plums and vegetables from the garden in the summer and marvel at the autumn of Mendoza with the variety of colors and sensations.

Its name evokes the essence of the Mendoza land: water, and with that we intend to value the work of the Mendoza farmer and especially the citizen of Alvear.

We bet on sustainability as a premise, using different resources for the use of water and the air conditioning of houses.

The sustainable tourist accommodation complex “Entre Acequias” is located in the Department of General Alvear, on Route 188, 700m away. East of 10th Street.

Why choose us?

Entre Acequias

Entre acequias servicios

Personalized attention

In Entre Acequias you will find the attention you deserve, with the staff always attentive to your needs. Daily cleaning of the accommodation and dry breakfast service with homemade and handmade products.

Entre acequias servicios

Accommodation comfort

The available houses in Entre Acequias have all the comforts to make your stay a pleasant experience. A fully equipped kitchen with dining area. The bathrooms are spacious and sectorized for greater use. The comfortable, minimalist bedrooms with storage area. Being with sofa beds and mouse tables to improvise an informal dinner

Entre acequias servicios

Live in nature

In the complex you can enjoy a large space in which the houses are located, between a damask plantation and a large park where you can enjoy a sectorized pool with solarium and jacuzzi. You can walk among the damask plantations and between the vines. Harvest fruits from fruit trees and vegetables from the garden.


Entre Acequias

White Linen Service

Dry breakfast

Parking lot

Air conditioning


Satellite television


Full kitchen


Pool and solarium


Sustainable tourism

The complex is equipped with different reuse systems of resources such as water, sun and air.

Entre Acequias

Entre Acequias

Geothermal air conditioning

It has a geothermal energy air conditioning system for homes, through a Canadian or Provencal well; circulating the air through pipes 40m long, buried at 2m deep.

Entre Acequias

Water use

Respecting the criterion of respect and use of water, the complex has a gray water and sewage treatment system, achieving a total reuse of water in water for irrigation.

Entre Acequias

Solar panels

The outdoor spaces have reflectors that feed on solar panels. Soon a solar collector will be placed to heat the sanitary water and photovoltaic panels for the generation of electrical energy.

Alvear destination

Entre Acequias

General Alvear is a head city of the homonymous department, one of the main cities of the south from the province of Mendoza, Argentina. Its growth was based on the oasis of 30,000 ha irrigated by the waters of the Atuel River, which plays a leading role in the agricultural-livestock development of the area.

It should be noted the privileged and strategic geographical location of the city at the intersection of Route 188 and Route 143, which allow easy access to different parts of the country thus reaching international member markets from MERCOSUR, especially Brazil.

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